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VFX Live – Visuals and VJ software

VFX Live
Future of Visuals

Explore live VJ:ing in a playful, creative and live-first approach

VFX Live enables you to easily stack dozens of effects, supporting ISF Shaders with built in search and preview of the amazing isf library within the app.

Make everything come alive with envelope following Audio Reactivity, lfos, midi, macros and more

Easy MIDI-mapping and slick UI. Streamlined for live performance. Multi screen output made easy.

Easily toggle between different presets on the same track.

Super feature packed, but with a easy to use interface.

min OS
> Ventura 13.0
Available As
.app & .auv3 (beta)
Price (limited offer)

Beautiful UI and multiple map sources

Ableton AuV3 integration

Made for live performance

Search, browse and preview online shaders

Craft beautiful patches easily


Get to know VFX Live

Thanks to

VIDVOX for the big work with VDMX, all open source stuff and the ISF-format 🌸

All shader writers on editor.isf.video for sharing your work and creating beautiful stuff.

VJ Union and Grigori (vdmo) for pushing the vj-community!

The Reddit /vjing-community for feedback and help.

All beta testers! 🧡✨

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